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Desktop Consulting Service (DCS) is a full service web site design and development provider located in San Antonio, Texas.  DCS provides all the services you're likely to need to design, manage, and promote your website.
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Web Design

We'll design a new web site from the ground up, or give your existing website a fresh, contemporary look. All of our new web designs and website updates use global headers, menus, and footers to standardize the look and feel of your site.

Instead of clusters of confusing font tags and bandwidth killing page sizes, DCS uses cascading style sheets (CSS) to manage layouts, colors, and fonts for your entire site.   CSS also makes it easier for search engines to catalog your website and helps streamline future updates to your website layout and design.

Featured San Antonio Web Design for Alamo Claim Service

Web Design for Alamo Claim Service Alamo Claim Service are professional damage claim adjusters who handle insurance claims for large or small companies. They provide everything from simple property appraisals to full investigation and damage estimates. They also provide services as third party insurance claim administrators.

DCS can also help you design a business logo and incorporate relevant business graphics into your website.  Make a favorable company impression to your web visitors.

Web Development and Online Web Databases

PHP DeveloperDCS specializes in web development using popular open source resources (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP or 'LAMP') or Windows web servers (Internet Information Systems or 'IIS') with active server pages (ASP) and Microsoft Access or SQL Server databases. 

Database driven websites allow your business products or services to be extended from your office to your website. We develop forms and scripts allowing you to collect, store, and retrieve information from your website visitors.  

We can also integrate your business data into visually appealing Google maps to boost your web visitor's online experience. 

Web Design and Templates for Weblogs

What's the difference between weblogs and websites?  The lines are surely blurred, but a website could be considered as your online business portfolio and a weblog your online conversation with customers and potential customers.

DCS creates web designs and templates for complete weblog-driven websites or simply adding a weblog to your existing website.  In fact, we can create a turn-key custom weblog from start to finish: domain name, web hosting, software installation, web design and template, and custom add-ons to your specifications.

Web Maintenance

DCS provides on demand website updates, additions, trouble-desk, and web hosting management.  Reliable and fast resolution of website issues.

  • Website forms and processing
  • Webmaster support--Website repair and long-term maintenance
  • Register or transfer web domain names
  • E-Commerce and Credit Card Processing

Web Hosting

DCS can provide web hosting and e-mail services for a hands-free web-site operation.  We can also manage and renew your domains or initiate domain transfers as part of an overall web design or web development project.

One common complaint we receive from new clients is their domain or website is held hostage.  This makes them completely dependent on the developer, even if the level of service is not what they desire.  Web hosting and domain management is not a mystery and should not be treated as such.

Depend on DCS to keep accurate records of your website information.  If you decide to move on to another web company, your domain and website will be professionally handled and we'll work with your new hosting company to ensure a smooth transfer of information.

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